Strategy 1 – Provide students with a clear and understandable vision of the learning targets #2

Classroom Learning Targets:

Learning targets look quite different within the classroom – they are  more focussed, smaller, and may or may not change more often. In some areas there will be different targets for specific groups, same target across the class, or individual targets for each student.

Learning targets in the classroom may be phrased “I can ….” or “We are ……”, or can be more formalised language such as “Students will ….” depending on the ages of the students.

In my room I have been using two characters called WALT & WILF, acronyms for the learning target and the success criteria for a particular session.

WALT = We Are Learning To ….. or We Are Learning Today ……

WILF = What I’m Looking For ……”

Here are some examples from my classroom:

Setting targets with students has impacted on the learning in my classroom by enabling students to start the lesson with a clear idea of what they will be learning and where they are heading. I am much clearer in what I want to achieve, as are the students – we are all focussed and attuned to the expectations of the lesson.


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