Thank You Bloggers

Thank you to all of the wonderful bloggers who attended the recent eLive seminars. I have spent  a bit of time reading many of the posts about the event.  Here and here and here.   After my lament last week (about being so far away) I guess I’m really not that far removed when I can read about the presentations and the views on the ideas and merits of the seminars that were blogged about.

The pictures and photos showed  really animated groups of people thoroughly enjoying their learning 🙂 what more could the presenters hope for? The ideas are already percolating in my head and I hope to try out some of the things I read about in my classroom too.

John’s spinning video, and the Tin Foil Hat Song were a true education! although I’m not too sure how to fit them into my class    😀

As I sat at my computer with a glass of red, I almost felt a part of the event itself.

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