Haluz and Narrative Writing Part 1

 In May, Australia is undertaking, for the first time, national (as opposed to states-based) literacy and numeracy testing for students in Years 3, 5, 7 & 9. In the follow-up information received after last year’s state based testing (the NSW Basic Skills Test) my school identified a variety of areas we needed to focus on this year to improve our school results.

In the Literacy – Writing area our Areas for Focus were identified as:

  • Text Processes: Effective orientation
  • Text Processes: Effective resolution
  • Topical language
  • Figurative language
  • Paragraphs
  • Sentence structure
  • Punctuation

The genre of Narrative is the only text type required this year, so my time has been spent working on my students’ narrative writing.

Last year I explored the use of the on-line “point and click” game Samorost with my class, and used it to work with my students on their writing skills. The results were inspiring and very exciting – you can read about what we got up to here ….

I was keen to use a computer game again to explore writing, and to motivate, engage and involve my students in writing narratives. However, I didn’t want to/ couldn’t just repeat what I’d done last year (two thirds of my class this year were in my class last year) as I was interested in a number of areas:

  • to explore what other areas of writing lend themselves to using a game
  • to investigate if more structured, text-based writing skills could be learnt/taught/practised using a game

Fortunately I came across another post from Ewan , who threw out a link to Haluz – a “point and click” game in the same genre as Samorost – which has meant that I can explore some more with my students  ……  and teach writing as well   🙂 

You gotta love that don’t you?

dsc04609.JPG    dsc04610.JPG

4 thoughts on “Haluz and Narrative Writing Part 1

  1. Hi MrsP,
    I really enjoyed playing Haluz and it really helped me with my writing!
    The thing is i really don’t know how but maybe it just releases my Imagination!!! 😛

    Keep up the great posts, Mrs P!


  2. Hi mrsP I really,reallyand really like your blog and when I groe up Im going to have one full of words.Haley!!!

  3. Thanks Haley – your comment really makes me smile 🙂

    You are making steady progress with your blogging – I’m hoping that you feel really proud of what you have acheived over the last few weeks.

    I’m sure that you will be much better at using pictures and slides and interesting things on your blog than I do on mine.

    Thanks for your comment, you made my day 😉

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