Haluz – Creating A Colourful Character!

  In this session we looked at the various characters in the game.We discussed (as we moved through the game, often retracing our steps, or jumping ahead to see/watch/view the particular character we were talking about)

  • the lack of main or “big” characters in Haluz
  • what each character added to the game
  • the personality characteristics that each character had/showed
  • how we knew what the character was like – and what made us think that way
    • background music
    • way the character moved
    • what the character did
  • what the character might have been feeling/ hearing/thinking at different points in the game
    • and how this influenced the characters movements
    • how the words we used to describe  changed according to how the character was feeling/acting

During this session we couldn’t help but act out different ways of moving, of reacting, and of thinking whilst we were “in character”.

The kids then had some time to work on writing about one of the characters. I think they made some great attempts at actually “being” the character …… what do you think?

“Sendrick the snake had never heard music before, so he hastily pulled himself out of his basket when the strange music began playing”  Sarah.

“Zaffa the hungry snake ferociously swallowed the cute furry mouse like a racing car going at great speed” Moustapha.

“Watching the mouse as carefully as a shark spying on it’s prey, Valisa, the suspicious snake waited for the mouse to peek out of the tiny hole” Momtahina.

“George excitedly popped out from his basket when he heard the beautiful music”  Steven.

“I stomped outside to see what was going on. Even though a vulture-like predator had my satellite dish I couldn’t help but smile. I was about to embark on a miraculous quest …” Timothy.

“Peeping out of the ancient box, one eye after the other, I rise carefully with caution, to the roof of the slimy lizard’s mouth. Jerking upwards towards the lizard’s dirty, disgusting tongue, I shake my head sideways and bump into the lizard’s throat, giving him a constantly sore throat” Naomi.

“Carelessly, I sprang out of the straw basket swaying to the music, not thinking of what I was doing. Only one thought was on my mind, “sway to the music” for I had not heard the marvellous music that I was swaying to right now for what felt like a hundred years”  Natalie

haluz-bird-rocket.jpg       bird-on-roof.jpg   

4 thoughts on “Haluz – Creating A Colourful Character!

  1. Wow! There are some really wonderful sentences here with great expression and emotion! As you might know, we are doing a similar project using NWN 2 in Scotland and have recently been working on description building. I think I’ll show these to the class as great examples of what they can do too! How old are the children who have written these?

  2. Hello Miss Collins,
    I have been reading your class blog over the last couple of weeks, your work is just fantastic. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog 🙂

    My class is a group of 30 students in Years 4-6 (I think Year 5 -7 in Scotland) ages 8-11/12 year olds.

    The examples above represent all of these grades.

    The work that the students come up with is amazing – but I also love the excitement and buzz of the students as they work and share what they are thinking. Priceless!

  3. Hi Kim

    Your students (and you) should be very proud of their writing. They are great examples of students getting into the character and expressing emotion. Well done all of you!

    Pam Thompson

  4. Thank you Pam,
    It’s very exciting to see the students playing around with language, and coming up with great examples that they can see/hear, and that have come from themselves and their peers. Builds confidence and risk taking too 🙂

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