DSLites & Dolphin Island

My class is studying oceans and conservation at the moment and all are involved in projects on an area of interest related to this overall topic.

I had been waiting for an opportunity to try using the school DSLites with my class. I had come across the game “Dolphin Island” and knew that the time had arrived 🙂

The 9 Year 3 & 4 students are the target group as they still need/enjoy a little more structure than the rest of the group. As well as playing the game and learning about conservation, there are a number of other off computer activities that this group will be undertaking as well.

The students are researching a sea creature and adding the info to our class wiki, identifying conservation issues and trying to work out solutions, measuring sea creatures, investigating mathematical problems based on the game, and participating in art/craft activites!

What fun! 

5 thoughts on “DSLites & Dolphin Island

  1. Hi Mrs P,
    its me katherine.I’m panicing if my mum throw my info on my country by mistake!!!
    What should i do?????

    By the way i like dolphin island and hope to do it again next term!!!

    Bye Katherine 😎

    Hey Katherine – how clever to leave a comment here! Don’t panic – I’ll put all the info up on our blog….. look in the pages section and you will find everything there. Smile, breathe and have a great holiday – I am 😮

  2. Hi Kim

    Looking forward to hearing how you went with the DS Lites. I’d imagine the kids loved it! They’ll probably be voting for more research projects they can link with the DS.

  3. Hello Pam
    You’re right the kids loved using the DsLites. I have a post planned – but the holidays have had a strange effect on me…. thought I do lots of posting but I’ve been doing lots of reading and “catching up”.
    This week I’ll get back down to business and post on how it all went 🙂
    Thanks for your comment!

  4. Hey Mrs P,
    i wonder if the dolphins from dolphin island would come back when we return from school???


  5. Hey Mrs P,
    Its me Katherine!! 😛
    I really enjoy doing Dolphin Island!!!
    And the DS was fun!!!

    By the way you should really check out lilly’s blog its all gone away!!! I feel sorry for her.

    See you 😛

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