Have A Look At What We’ve Been Up To

The AllStars have been searching through “Oceans of Info”, following a variety of interests, and have now reported their findings.

Their task last term was to “Create Something Extraordinary” about oceans.

First they puzzled and wondered about things that interested them.

Next they spent time reading, researching and learning about their topic.

Then they negotiated a rubric to support them in “creating something extraordinary” using web2.0 tools to present their learning.

After that they experimented with a web2.0 tool they hadn’t used before.


Finally they got down to creating.


You can see most of the presentations as they come up over at the 08AllStars site. 

Oceans of Info 1 a voki and a Toondoo

Oceans of Info 2 a pirate voki

Oceans of Info 3  “Mermaid News” video

Oceans of Info 4 Vokis by a marine biologist and a pirate

Oceans of Info 5 a Voki about the sinking of the HMAS Sydney

Oceans of Info 6 a video about whaling 


Vokis, videos, puppets and comics are some of the ways the students chose to share their information creatively.

I am truly proud and amazed at the wonderful ways that the kids told their stories. I think that the AllStars are ALL stars!

 Image: ‘ooooo!

4 thoughts on “Have A Look At What We’ve Been Up To

  1. Kim, I loved the vokis! Are they difficult to put together from the classroom? What did the kids use to record their own voices?

    Hello Judy,
    No the vokis are really easy – you log on to their site, put together the character (add hair, clothes etc) and the backgrounds. Using audacity (downloaded onto your computer) you record the child’s voice and save it. Back on the Voki site you upload the voice you have recorded and hit save! You can add a computer generated voice by typing in the message you want. Its easy, creative, fun and can be used in many ways 🙂

  2. Thanks very much for the tips, Kim. It sounds like even a novice like myself could give it a go with great success.

    Give it a go – they are heaps of fun, and very motivating for the students. What can you do with them?

  3. Students have created some great work, Kim. I get the impression that they really enjoyed this unit.
    BTW we’ve had quite a few of them visit our blog and leave comments, which is great. I’ve reciprocated with most of them.


  4. Thanks Pam
    The kids have been really excited to receive your comments – for some you are the first person outside of the class who has responded. Its wonderful to see them so proud and happy 🙂
    Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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