21st Century Pedagogy Conference #3


Or what can it look like in the classroom?

“Create Something Extraordinary” – Oceans of Info Project

This is what we were studying as a class:

  •       Sustainability focus, environmental issues nationally and globally.
  •        Mapping, locating oceans and seas around Australia and the world.
  •       Food chains, adaptation of species

Which led to a negotiated Individual enquiry project.

Rubric – negotiated with students, expectations high and clear.

Oral presentation of information highlighted – talking & listening.

Researching – reading, writing, playing

Planning – writing, reading

Performing – negotiating, practicing, 

Outcomes/ presentations can be seen on AllStars blog.



Games in the classroom!

DS Lites, wii, Playstation

  •       Contexts for learning
  •       Springboards to spark and inspire
  •       Collaborative knowledge gathering
  •       Practising skills, attitudes
  •       Authentic purposes and audiences
  •       Group responsibility
  •       Cultural relevance

Find examples and write ups of using these games here!

Dolphin Island

wii Tennis

Learning Teaching Scotland’s Nintendogs Project



Well that’s my story, now its time for you to come on board, to take time to explore and play with these tools that offer so much  – especially in the areas of connecting, communicating, collaborating  and creating.


Your task is ……..


To play

To discover

To choose something new


That could fit in your classroom and that you would share with your class or your staff, tomorrow or the next day…….


Go on, try for yourself ………. What’s the worst that could happen?


Here is a friendly slideshow that reassures (and offers practical advice) for …. facing the ICT  elephant 🙂





1 thought on “21st Century Pedagogy Conference #3

  1. Thanks for this post, Kim. I’m always spreading the word that ICT is not about sitting at a computer. There are so many activities that lead up to that post on the class blog.

    I’m also aware that very soon after setting out on the blogging journey with my class, I instinctively began to make everyday lessons more active – if the next page in the textbook was learning about proverbs, we discussed, acted out, produced illustrations. We then looked for online tools to share the learning with the new ‘audience’ we were building up via the class blog.

    The activities blogged about by the Allstars were also hugely inspiring – so much collaborative work going on 🙂

    The slideshare presentation at the end of your post is superb. I’d love to use that next session – it’s exactly the message I’ve been trying to get across (and more!).

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