I have felt like I have been slugging it out for the past 6 weeks or so – desperately trying to get back into school mode and working with my class again after being away for a couple of weeks of long-service leave at the end of last term.

Re-connecting with my class was crucial as we had a number of students added to my group and so we had to get to know each other and sort the social and academic groupings all over again.

It’s been hard work: time and thought consuming, problematic and frustrating all at once.

There’s been social issues, behaviour issues, routines issues, learning issues, attitude issues and friendship issues – tears, tantrums and tirades!!!!

But …..

Just when you think “that’s it!” – “I’m over all this” – a moment happens …..

A spark is ignited, fanned by some positivity and fuelled by some camaraderie and I think, maybe, we’re off……..

Onwards and upwards!

Let’s go AllStars – light the way!


Image: ‘Light it up …‘ 

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