A big “hat tip” and heart felt thanks to Teaching Australia for the wonderful celebration they put together last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in Canberra. The organization of the event, the variety of sessions and the venues were top class and really enjoyable.

There were many highlights:

The ceremony at Parliament House, and meeting the Deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard made the honour “real” and won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Meeting the terrific Anne Mirtschin f-2-f. Anne’s friendliness and sense of humour kept me laughing (and talking!) the whole time. PA300334





Sharing the amazing things that are happening in schools around the country, and being inspired by the teachers and leaders who are instigating the innovation and successes. Truly exciting!

Learning new sharing and thinking techniques and strategies courtesy of Eric Frangenheim.PA300336





Talking to teachers and leaders from across the country, across sectors and across stages – thinking, exploring and wondering together – trying to solve problems and make a difference.

Laughing during Peter FitzSimons’ after dinner speech at the National Portrait Gallery. I wish I could tell jokes like that – they just don’t come out funny when I try to re-tell them. Guess you had to be there – ;-0PA290331





The friendliness and support of the Teaching Australia crew – Peter, Anita and Helen. Thanks for your care.

Listening to Andrew Douch reflect on the wonderful opportunities he has taken advantage of whilst remaining true to himself and his beliefs. I like what he said about the need to share what you are passionate about with others – stand up and let people hear what you have to say – its not about you but about the students and what’s best for them.








It was an honour to be part of this celebration / event, it’s not often that teachers are recognised in this way. Thank you to all.

4 thoughts on “THANK YOU – I’M INSPIRED

  1. Hi Kim, It was great to meet up with you too. Rather amazing to think that we actually met each other within 5 mins of me arriving at the session. My students, including year 11s, have already enjoyed trying out some of your game suggestions. Another year 10 boy went home and finished all the levels in that lego game, last night!
    I love the way you have written the article, yet you have been very modest and failed to mention that you won a highly commended Excellence in Teaching Award. So, congratulations to you on receiving this award.

  2. Thanks Pam for your kind words – I am honoured to have received the award, but it would not have been possible without the support, sharing and friendship of all those teachers, like yourself, that i have met on line. KimP

  3. Hello Anne, It was indeed amazing to meet up so quickly and I am so glad that i was able to share my thoughts with you during the few days in Canberra.
    Glad that your students enjoyed the games, I’m working on an English narrative writing unit for the curriculum directorate using the lego game. There is a part 2 of the lego Junkbots where the Junkbot is a private investigator!! May be your Yr 10 student would like that one too =]

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