Inspire Innovate 2010: Extras You Asked For :-)

Here are the extra planning and programming bits and pieces that you asked for in the workshop yesterday:

Planning Proformas/ Grids

Backward Mapping Proforma

Blooms MI Matrix

My wiiMusic Worksheets

wiiMusic booklet 1

wiiMusic booklet 2


Final Task Rubric  

My wiiSports Tennis Plan

Tennis Skills + Planning Sheet  

I hope that these  sheets help guide you in  planning and using games consoles in your classroom.  

Please link back here so we can all see what you have tried in your classroom.

Who says that learning is all not all fun and games????

P3240567    P3240566  P3240565  P3240562

If you need/want any other info or help or ideas please just leave a comment here 🙂

2 thoughts on “Inspire Innovate 2010: Extras You Asked For :-)

  1. Hi Kim,
    I tried to download the planning sheet for the tennis unit but it wouldn’t work.
    I’m hoping to try out some of your ideas next year.
    You have lots of great resources that have guided me through my planning stage.
    Thank you

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