Thoughts on BETT



Student centred

Bouncing boards for teachers and students to use to explore and enhance learning.

All on my list for BETT 09. 

BETT Show 09 – bring it on!

That’s what I wanted to see – and here are my best picks:

Film Club – great resources and ideas for using films with students, to widen worlds, explore feelings and reactions and share enjoyment of films and capture imaginations.

“FILMCLUB is designed to inspire, entertain and arouse creative and curious minds.”

Lots of potential here – maybe not as an afterschool activity – not really part of the culture in Australia – but as part of what we do in school, as a lunchtime activity or a reward activity perhaps. Though the use of film within classrooms should be encouraged across the board.

Students manipulating film and creating their own trailers; students exploring themes and mashing, examples from films to demonstrate or present their opinions students creatively exploring , learning and presenting – great!

Pixton comic creator provided more ability for students to manipulate and control images, text and storyboards. A class account was also a good idea (even though it costs!) to keep the sometimes unsavoury comments and comics made on sites such as ToonDoo away from the kids.

Students love working on comics; they used them in history, geography and literature contexts and were able to construct pertinent and enjoyable comics about a variety of subjects. The extra features and manipulation of objects available in Pixton will mean that they have even more control of what and how they use these objects. Looking forward to trying this out when I’m back at school.

Microsoft Innovative Teachers programme gives teachers the chance to share what’s happening in their classrooms with other teachers around the world. Innovative practices are displayed, written up and shared so that others can learn alongside outstanding teachers.

A great model for encouraging and supporting all teachers to improve, experiment and achieve. Will look into this programme with staff at Belmore South when I get back.

The Promethean Team were enthusiastic, skilled and passionate about the new Promethean products. But by far the most impressive aspect of the team was their ability to keep all demonstrations and talk within the classroom. They knew what they were talking about and related example after example of how and why to use each feature with students in the classroom.

Promethean products and support are available through the Promethean Planet site that encourages and celebrates the creativity of teachers and students in designing quality flipcharts for inspiration and ideas. Definitely a place to look at to help find and share new ideas and ways of using the Promethean software.


Well, that’s it – I know I’m extremely late in posting this, but better late than never (not sure this applies in the blogging world tho)