What Sort of Library?

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I have been reading about the roles of the TL for Assignment 1 and am excited about the active and purposeful ways that the TL can impact on the learning of the students, staff and school. I have read about some wonderful ways in which the TL can share her expertise in technology, information and literature with the staff to achieve outcomes and develop school priorities.

This has got me thinking about the type of library I want to develop with my school, and I have used my on-line friends’ examples and shared stories to allow me to see what a great library can be like. Each of the people or library blogs I follow shares an aspect, idea, environment or view that I admire and want to try and utilise or adapt to my setting.

A great library environment is:

  • welcoming
  • challenging
  • interesting
  • familiar, owned by students
  • a working place
  • a sharing and collaborating place
  • a finding out, inquiring place
  • an active, busy and purposeful place
  • a reflective and calm place as well!
A great library is a centre of learning, where we can:
  • wonder
  • wander
  • imagine
  • inquire
  • check
  • explore
  • create
  • transform
  • transfer
  • make or have an impact
Now to work with students and staff to translate these aspects into my own cohesive, meaningful and manageable programs to make our library a real centre of learning and thinking. Bring it on!

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