Seven Strategies of Assessment For Learning


I first heard about Assessment for Learning through this book: “Seven Strategies of Assessment for Learning” by Jan Chappuis. As I read it last summer, I was impressed with how “real” the strategies and ideas were, how do-able and sensible they were. Quite simply it is all quality teaching!

The seven strategies described in the title are a compilation and synthesis of current thinking in the assessment area. They have been used, shaped and refined in classrooms with real teachers and real students.

Real students – at  the centre of the assessment cycle. In control, being informed, reflective, and a powerful voice in their own learning. This is the power behind assessment for learning – the active presence of the student: it is their learning, their skills and ultimately their effort and participation in their assessment of their learning in order to improve their learning.

It sounds interesting, enlightening and POWERFUL. I’m ready to give it a try……so here I go. On an A4L adventure!



Improving Learning

I have learnt a lot of stuff over the years. I love learning. I am a life long learner.

I have learnt a lot about learning ….about learning theories, learning strategies, learning frameworks.

I have learnt a lot about about learners too: about student motivation, student expectations, student feedback, student centred classrooms, student voice and student ownership of  learning.

And now I am learning how this all fits together.

I am learning about assessment for learning, formative assessment,  which when used with students produces significant learning gains.

Used with skill, assessment can motivate the unmotivated, restore the desire to learn, and encourage students to keep learning, and it can actually create – not simply measure – increased achievement.

Classroom Assessment for Student Learning: Doing It Right – Using It Well

Stiggins, Arter, Chappius and Chappius

I was lucky enough to attend a workshop/leading professional development course, and have co-led  school based staff development in this area.

The following posts are my learning story  …..


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