Back Chat or Start a Conversation


A fun aspect of the presentation was the backchannel chat that occurred alongside the streamed version of the session. I can’t remember the name of the application Will used, but he videoed the session live and the viewers watching live were able to chat along as they watched the session.

The comments and quips came quick and fast as people asked questions, requested more info, passed comment and shared insights. Very enjoyable, but really fast paced and a little scary for a newbie 😉

“We write to connect – to publish as a mid point – to converse and engage. There is no final copy – we can articulate our ideas to a certain extent – but we put it out there to be read and to be pushed.

We publish because we want to engage in the conversation.

World Map is the child’s classroom. “I ask my readers”

Connective writing – real audience and real purpose to engage with people – to expand efforts and knowledge.”

Will walks the walk – his sessions really encouraged you to push your own ideas, and the chat with others also pushed Will’s ideas along as well.

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Will Richardson: Network Literacy


Leveraging the Potential of a Hyperconnected World

Spent Friday listening to, and being inspired by, Will Richardson at Syba Signs Network Literacy Day.

The “most thought-provoking idea” for me was …..

The idea of having a personal connection or personal involvement in learning about /embracing the use of web 2.0 tools before attempting to use them in the classroom rang true from my experience.

Will showed that the map of the world = his personal classroom – that everyone that was there as a “red dot” on the map was there because they want to be there; anyone that joined the conversation joined because they wanted to be part of the conversation, they wanted to share the learning. Will’s classroom is an active and participatory place.

I tried to share some of the joys and excitement that web2.0 applications offered with staff at my school last year. I ran a number of workshop sessions where the group played around with applications, trialled making slideshows and bubbleshare, had time to see applications in actions on blogs and wikis, tried commenting and reading blogs. Unfortunately, there was little “spill-over” effect into classrooms. Participants participated only in what was required in the session, and few even tried to use these tools with their classes.

I realize now that each person has to have a personal reason to try these new tools – they have to do it for themselves first and foremost. Will was able to show what was available, tell anecdotes and stories, and demonstrate why we might find these tools effective and useful. He followed up taking questions and again actually showing how to set up accounts and how to follow ideas, topics and people on-line.

Persuasive, motivating and inspirational I think!  



The Why To of Web2.0

How the Web Transforms Everything

An exciting day spent listening to some of Australia’s premier edubloggers:

plus the blog guru himself – Will Richardson!

A great opportunity for our school group to hear and see first hand how the web is transforming learning and teaching, and to consider why we must embrace and work with web2.0 to keep learning in schools relevant – for our students and for ourselves.







Deep understandings



……….. just a few things on our “to do” list when we are back at school…………

Here is a mind-map I jotted out at the event, a way of sorting the information/thoughts/opinions from the esteemed presenters 🙂