The Joy of ISTE – The Joy of Learning

Thousands of kilometres and many hours away from San Diego and ISTE 2012 I am buoyed and excited by the tweets and blog posts that are coming thick and fast from the USA.

From feeling very envious and slightly jealous of the social happenings and get-togethers that are being shared, I am now inspired by watching the learning that is taking place by the attendees:

ideas – tweeted  from workshops

discovery – of personal connections to these ideas

joy –  when realising the relevance of the ideas

plans – to try the ideas back home

sharing –  the discovery with others via twitter and blogs

elaborating  – on the first idea

collaborating – and hooking up with others who are sharing the idea

curiosity – about where the idea has come from

looking up – researching some background

thinking – how the new idea fits with what you do

buzzing –  with excitement

possibilities – bouncing around in your head

new ideas

What an authentic and wonderful snapshot of learning taking place.

Thoughts, theories and practices being shaped and grown in a positive and supportive atmosphere of “it is possible”.

I can only imagine the opportunities and experiences that await classrooms when the attendees return.

Thank you to everyone who has tweeted and blogged ISTE 2012 into my life this past week or so.


Image: #271 eLearning