Librarian2.0 Essentials

Librarian2.0 is not so much defined by Abrams or Harvey as described by their uses of technology. Harvey (2009, p1) frames her ideas of Librarian2.0 with tools and technologies; and Abrams lists the tools, technologies and opportunities.

Laura Cohen (2006) and Buffy J Hamilton (2010) look at Librarian2.0 as actions, attitudes and attributes that move librarians actively, thoughtfully and positively to respond to the rapid changes in expectations, requirements, technologies, communication channels and social trends in the 21st century.

Here is my list of essential knowledge, skills and attributes of an information professional in a Web 2.0 world:

Know Your Customers and be where they are – connect using social networking sites, face to face, in real time and virtually. Work to gain a deep knowledge of their interests and goals, needs and wants in order to provide and plan appropriate services.

Be Fearless and Courageous in the commitment to providing the best possible library experience for all patrons by ensuring that the highest quality information is available to the Library community in the formats needed and required.

Be a Life Long Learner – open to discovering better ways to ensure the library delivers the best programs and facilities for the community it serves. Show your desire to find out, to explore, and to keep asking questions.

Respond Positively and thoughtfully when others are not ready to embrace new ways of thinking or doing. Be prepared to back up opinions and views with cohesive examples and research to continue conversations that develop understandings and insights and community.

Play with changeuse it as a chance to experiment, test out and try new ways. Accept change, being ready and able to see the positive and work to take advantage of new tools, apps, services and ways of approaching information collection, curation and communication.

Be an Active Participant within and outside of the Library – “walking the talk”  be highly visible through the use of technology, a voice on committees, by providing innovative learning experiences and sharing the story of the Library with the community.

Be Accountable for delivering authentic assessments of the effectiveness of services and programs to patrons. Be open and transparent in the collection of data and anecdotal evidence that shows and tells the story of the library



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